"Dude, you’re wrong." I shook my head. "Uncle really loves you …"
He slightly zheng.
"Your eldest brother lost his parents at an early age, and his uncle took care of him for fear of being wronged again, but it was just pity and love; I watched him say slowly, "The great man has already set the sun, and no one will deny that I am the most likely to be unified. Uncle Heaven is a famous contemporary, but he can choose to continue to play in the Han Dynasty because of his identity, but he chose to leave you to me. What is this?"
HuangFuGu eyes faint with some strange color "he …"
"Uncle know I’m afraid it is difficult to revive the decadent han; He knows that Yangzhou is by no means my opponent in the new dynasty. He chose Liu Xie to fight, but his greatest glory was that he could not bear to let you die with him. "I don’t know what I’m talking about." He wants you to continue the Huangfu family in the new dynasty. "
Thirty-one-year-old Huangfu closed his eyes, but the skin on both sides of his jaw protruded slightly-he clenched his teeth secretly.
I reached out and touched his shoulder gently from the stone pier, and I felt a shiver like a weak current.
"He wants you to be a suspection.i family in the new glory" I patted.
The trembling was swept away by the wind, and Huang Fugu opened his eyes. He looked at me and stood up slowly. "It’s really lucky to be taught by the king today!" He took another step backward and bowed to the ground. "Thank you, Wang!"
"It’s not enough to continue to be a 1000-step military captain in Luoyang." I smiled and pressed him back to the stone pier. "I have to go somewhere to experience a little, don’t you think?"
He nodded "yes"
"Do you know the location of Pei County?"
"Pei County …" He thought slightly and replied, "Jiujiang County in Yangzhou, southeast of Yuzhou, faces across the river."
I looked at him with a moment’s pause and asked, "Do you put this duty of guarding the city gate on the front line of Pei County to be a satrap?"
"I …" He still habitually hesitated for a moment.
I frowned.
"I … obey the king’s instructions!" He bent down and hit his right fist hard in the left palm.
Suspection.i solid body as if suddenly produced a high spirit.
I smiled. "I urge you to find a wife and get married as soon as possible."
He looked at me and still shook his head stubbornly.
I sigh so much.

After seeing off Huangfugu, I returned to the imperial room and sat down again to finish writing the previous hand.
"To make HuangFuGuPei county satrap; The position of battalion commander of the 1st battalion of Dian Wei Zhuanbu Army was taken by Xu Chu, the second Peijun in the fourth imperial examination in Yuzhou. Dian Wei, battalion commander of the First Battalion of Tuoba Ye Ascending Tiger and Leopard Flying Army, and Tuoba Ye are all specialized in monarch guards. "
I folded this slightly thick paper and handed it to Liang Cong "to Shangtai to let the Ministry of War and the official department of Xun Yu discuss it."
The most difficult thing since ancient times is bureaucracy.
I originally reopened the Tuoba Ye Youth League this time, but some officials resisted.
However, at the beginning of October, when Xun Yu announced the decree on my behalf, no one objected.
Tuoba Ye is the only one who seems to have a slightly fluctuating mood.
After reading the imperial edict, Xun Yu introduced the achievements of several promoted officials one by one, among which Huangfugu supervised the protection of grain and grass and made diligent contributions to defending Gyeonggi; Dian Wei is the guardian of the escort; Tuoba Ye is to protect me twice into the enemy’s territory-after all, he Dian Wei and Liu Ren resisted Yu and Zhang Fei together.
In addition, with me, I went deep into Wu Jun, Lu Ren, Jia Mu and others to save Sun Ce’s white hair and won different material rewards.
I especially paid a special pension to nearly 100 pro-health soldiers who died in the rescue of Haitang. In addition to distributing a considerable amount of money and food to their relatives, I also promised that one of my brother-in-law would be an official in my hometown and county.
I always feel a little sorry for them when I think about it occasionally.
After all, it’s my personal affair.