Just three games is not enough!
Today, he has to face five more games in the whole lpl.
Lu Zhan quickly adjusted his state and entered the fourth solo game.
This time, no one from the other side intervened in Taiwan, which is the Q source of Yuege.
Nine times out of ten, it is still a small method to recognize Q source through Zi Hua SMS Lu Zhan.
"I wonder what special style he will play."
After all, Lu Zhan wants to be a hero who needs to develop. In the middle and late stage, Q layers can be stacked to play a bigger role. Simple solo words can really be used in the middle and late stage, but because the hand is not dominant in the early stage,
"Want to take Riven?"
Lu Zhan wants to take some strong heroes in the early stage and directly turn over the small method, but he wants to leave these heroes to play in the back.
As a result, after more than 2 seconds, he hasn’t chosen a hero yet.
He mouse around and clicked a dozen different heroes, all of whom he was good at.
At last, he decided his choice.
Actually is the angel of war Shivell, also known as the wheel mom!
"ad hits a single?"
The audience has a big mouth.
They have seen the magic singles of land exhibition several times, but they have never seen the land exhibition in lspl. ad can’t help but be skeptical about the choice of land exhibition.
Many numbers in the game are not worse than the small method in ap, but because the small method depends on how strong the right method is, it is not surprising that the single ad is chosen.
"Round mom can play well? Although I believe in Lu Zhan, losing every game is a waste of effort! " River shook his head.
"It also has its own reason to play the small method. The skill of the round mother E is a natural barrier, which can hide the small method E or the big move, so that the small method is not so obvious."
Violet calmly analyzes that she and RG players know that Lu Zhan never chooses people at random. He must have his own reasons for choosing routines.
Lu Zhan naturally has his own plans. He is used to the fact that all the bases in ad are radical. In case it is difficult to beat by the small law, he chose an ad.
The opposite side has also finished choosing Q source, so he took the dharma.
"This game will let you see my ad skills! “
Lu Zhan thought when he entered the game screen
This is a victory without failure. If you lose one game in a row, you will lose everything. Every game will show your strength.
It’s this time that I happen to need to take out my card that I have been practicing hard for a long time.
Chapter 49 The First Law of the Country
In the competition, players have their own accounts. After so many competitions, Lu Zhan has already had his own runes.
Because his opponent is Fafa, this time he turned all three crystals into magic resistance.
Since the other party dares to play the small law, there will inevitably be a land exhibition that will not be despised.
Passers-by Bureau has exhibited a lot of ad rounds, and Ma has done so many times. She has long wanted to take it to the competition once.
After winning three games in a row, Lu Zhanshou is taking out the wheel mom to show off an ad technology, which is also a temporary decision.
If you choose other heroes to bring a purification, there may be, but purification can be done once in a while.
After choosing the mother, he can go out with a flash and light it.
On the other hand, the skill of small dharma summoner flashes with treatment.
"Because of the strengthening of alternation therapy, more and more people are afraid of strong group heroes choosing to treat summoner skills! However, from the imposing manner, I lost a layer first! "
Abortion took a sip of water and continued to explain. The two explanations have been said for hours and they are tired.
"Momentum is this thing …" Liker has been leaning towards the land exhibition since the first solo abortion.
To tell the truth, Lu Zhan’s state is too good today, and there is nothing he can do to choose conservative skills.
His routine is to face the single hero single game, and he has also played it, but he never thought that he would fight an ad in a small way.
This incident makes him very depressed. No matter what Lu Zhan does, he has a routine to deal with what ez can do, but he can also play ad, but it’s different in the face of Lunma.
He is familiar with every single ap skill, but he doesn’t know the wheel mother
Moreover, Lu Zhan’s first show, adQ source, can’t figure out his details and can grope for it
"Lu Zhan, I will make you the first French title in Baiguo. It’s not for nothing."
Q source bought the equipment and went out of the house.