Xia Lingyao sat beside Lu Zhan and leaned her head against Lu Zhan’s shoulder and answered smilingly.
It was almost two months ago when two people got so close. It was also in this dormitory, but it was the ghost team room.
Lu Zhan’s consciousness hugs Xia Lingyao in her arms. When hugging and hugging differently, her arms can wrap around her waist. Without Xia Lingyao’s back hug, Lu Zhan feels more owned.
After being hugged, Xia Lingyao leaned closer to Lu Zhan.
"Let me measure if you still have a fever!"
Lu Zhan tilted his face and put his forehead on Xia Lingyao’s forehead. Xia Lingyao’s forehead is still a little hot, but it’s actually more caused by blushing.
Xia Lingyao came and closed her eyes. When she opened them, she saw that Lu Zhan’s forehead was close to her eyes, and her nose and mouth were so close that her forehead became hotter.
Lu Zhan also saw her so close, and her face flushed clearly.
"Lu Zhan, I miss you so much that I miss you here. I’ve been thinking about you for days. If you hadn’t learned something, I wouldn’t want to stay here any longer. It’s very kind of you to come. I never thought you would really come," Xia Lingyao said, half complaining and half moved.
The distance is too close. Xia Lingyao exhales like a orchid. Both of them have the same breath.
"Fool, I told you, if there is a person in this world who wants you to shout, I will come to you." Let’s talk about it after Lu Zhan answers what he has found in the wrong place. Now let’s enjoy this brief warmth first.
He conveniently put out his mouth to kiss Xia Lingyao.
This is the first kiss after a long separation, but the difference is that this land exhibition is active and intense.
He thought of Xia Lingyao’s hard work these days, and his heart was full of guilt and cherish, and the kiss became deep.
He attacked Xia Lingyao with the tip of his tongue, pried her lips and stuck the tip of his tongue to her teeth.
Xia Lingyao didn’t resist, so she attacked her mouth with two rows of white teeth by Lu Zhan and mixed them with her tongue.
Her tongue is soft and greasy, and the temptation seems to have been calling Lu Zhan.
It was a sweet and long kiss. With the wet kiss, Xia Lingyao once again embraced Lu Zhanshen with his hands. Lu Zhanshen repeated that he moved like her because his hands were dishonest and groped around her.
In response, Xia Lingyao’s jade arm is also touching his back. In this season, there are not many clothes for two people. Through the thin skirt, Lu Zhan has already felt that Xia Lingyao’s jade arm is soft.
He simply took off his clothes and asked Xia Lingyao to touch him. He also tried to take off Xia Lingyao’s clothes. She didn’t resist being taken off by Lu Zhan.
"Can I take them off?" Lu Zhan still respects Xia Lingyao’s idea.
"Well," Xia Lingyao was ashamed to answer with a face out of the water.
Except for the coat lying on Lu Zhan’s body, there is a pink chest, and the cover is still there. Lu Zhan put his hand on the white-skinned jade rabbit, which made Xia Lingyao feel numb from point to point.
"Well …"
This grace is different from one. It is expressed with emotion and has never been comfortable in the past twenty years.
They are like erupting volcanoes, and the two young bodies are touching and blending with each other, and no one will let each other go first.
Lu Zhan couldn’t help it. He grabbed Xia Lingyao’s pink hood and gently untied it. It was pink lace underwear …
He reached for his belt [w w w]
Xia Lingyao is not eleven. Of course, she knows what will happen next, but at the moment when her heart belongs, she will know that this kind of thing is coming.
She didn’t stop Lu Zhan. She closed her eyes and waited for the landing exhibition.
Lu Zhan kissed her cheek and neck and stuck himself to Xia Lingyao.
Did Lu Zhan feel the heat of the face and body when the clothes were completely different from each other through the touch? When doing such a thing, the human body would have this heat even if it didn’t have a fever.
Lu Zhan removed his shorts and finally reached the final step.
When he was growing up, he had enough six gods in his hand. He didn’t leave his hand to attack directly.
But as soon as he touched him, he heard Xia Lingyao moan.
"Pain …"