At the moment, the war ghost is like a modern robot, each arm is wearing a thick silver-white revolver gun, each muzzle is the size of a table tennis ball, and a pair of calves are wearing pure metal silver-white boots. On each side, there is a meter-long slender missile behind him. The red head of a round rocket-like missile shows its extraordinary power, and its shoulders are carrying a huge shoulder gun like DBY.
War ghost impressively has become a human-shaped fighting machine.
"This … what is this?" Roderick’s fingers trembled slightly, pointing to the war ghost.
"This? Might as well tell you that it is only with our team that we have mastered another skill in the pseudo-field … the materialization of the pseudo-field. "
"Pseudo-realm materialization?" Roderick Ryan has never heard of this word, but the facts at hand forbid him not to believe it
War ghost hey hey say with smile "then let’s officially fight and let you see me …"
Behind him, the thick missile tail suddenly burst into a violent flame, bringing him into the offensive posture of this tough man. Hey hey smiled, "Absolute bombing … conan the destroyer."
Less than a kilometer away from the war ghost battlefield, two lights flashed in the sky, bringing up the light, like two lights fighting each other, which were constantly intertwined but instantly separated, followed by thunder and thunder to the ground.
After fighting for about three minutes, two figures suddenly split up, one of which made Ahong understand, and the other was Reddy Cruise.
At the moment, Lei Di seems to be in the wind, which is relatively calm to Acer. Lei Di’s breath is not connected.
"Idiot Ah Hong really lived up to his name, dormant for many years, and once became famous." Lei Di held Lei Guang swordsman and stared at Ah Hong’s way with a slight trembling.
Ah Hong looked cold and proud. "I once swore to myself that when I returned to the main battlefield, adding the word idiot before my name would kill everyone, and today you are no exception."
Reddy sneered, "I admit that you are faster than me at pure speed, but don’t treat me as the loser of the muse who wants to kill me. You haven’t done that yet."
"oh? Are you sure? " Ah Hong instantly disappeared in the same place. Lei Di’s pupil shrank, and his right hand Leiguangjian quickly raised to his forehead and locked Zangetsu Leiguangjian for one day. Two cold faces also looked at each other.
"I have to admit that you are very confident, but you are really the eleventh order. Am I not your opponent in the seventh order?" Cruise bite the bullet cold way
"Hum, if you try it, you will know … Crescent Moon Day Rush" Ahong’s hand locks Zangetsu’s energy and suddenly surges, and the poor pressure drops. Leiguangjian suddenly smashes. At the same time, Ahong’s whole body presses forward for more than ten meters, and the energy meniscus suddenly cuts out the whole body of Lei Di in two.
After being split into several streamers, the Emperor Lei flashed into the distance and slowly returned to its original state. But there was still blood flowing out of his mouth. The man was angry and roared. The strength or quality of the theory was far higher than that of the pseudo-field. Suddenly, in his field, several thunder elements were turned into strips, and Lei Long roared
"Idiot Hong, you have successfully angered me, so please taste the power of a field."
Lei Di Cruz clenched his fist in front of him with one hand, and a long bow composed of pure Lei Guang appeared in his hand. The man pulled a Lei Guang arrow and it was slowly elongated in his hand. As the Lei Guang arrow was formed, Lei Long roared and merged into the arrow, making the tip of the arrow extend to more than 20 meters in diameter and more than two meters in thickness. It seems that if you want to touch the living thing, you will get all the energy in generate.
"Wan Lei Tian Jie domain … Dragon punishes arrow"
Cruise’s palm loosens a huge thunder arrow, which is faster than the flash. It is like a real punishment, and the gas is completely torn and shot straight at Ahong.
Ah Hong sneered at a figure and shifted his whole body to the right for more than ten meters. He easily hid from the dragon and punished the arrow. He just wanted to say something, but he saw Cruise’s mouth sneer and his mind moved. His body had already flown.
Turned to look, and sure enough, the dragon arrow didn’t shoot far, but blossomed into thousands of thunder arrows like chrysanthemums without derogatory meaning here, and jumped at Zhongahong like giant butterfly wings by changing direction.
Ah Hong holds the lock on the sky, and Zangetsu swings several crescent moons with his hand. Suddenly, he throws it straight into the arrow rain, and suddenly it is full of energy. In the sky, generate sparks several times.
As soon as Ahong breathed a sigh of relief, he felt that his side was more powerful and his energy was rising. He turned to look at the field. Cruise pulled a dragon penalty arrow again. This time it was different. There was a Zhang lei bow on his left and right. By pulling two dragon penalty arrows, the one in Lei Di’s hand was aimed at himself together.
"Do you know what is the biggest difference between the domain and the pseudo-domain?" Cruise corners of the mouth raised unruly smile "is that the field energy is almost exhausted, and it never stops absorbing the energy in the air instead of releasing all my energy from your own body. Are you ready?"
"Is that so?" Ah Hong’s face was as calm as water. "It seems that I have to come up with something true."
Then his body suddenly burst into a layer of pseudo-field, and then he recovered a large amount of energy to surround him. The light flashed in a flash. The loose sleeves of the black dovetail trench coat were tied, and the sleeves were tightly tied to the arms with a blue-and-white cross-inch-wide strap, which made the muscle shape stand out. The chest clothes were also tied with a type of strap, and the black trousers were staggered with straps that spread from the waist to the knees. Those black boots have become a pair of blue-and-white boots with metal texture.
"The soul is weak and the light is escaping."
"What is this? The second time? " Cruise one leng hand dragon arrow is not busy shooting out.
"It seems that you don’t know everything. I’m telling you, this is the materialization of my strength, but it’s beyond envy that only a genius can learn this ability."
"Pseudo-realm materialization?" Cruise frowned and thought, "Is this a new method of pseudo-domain that you have developed?"
"Of course," macro replied with thick skin.
Cruise smiled and resumed his bow-pulling. "Idiot Hong, why don’t we make a deal? I won’t kill you this time and I won’t care about the little princess, but you have to sign a contract with me to teach me the method of materialization of pseudo-domain?"
"Ha!" Ah Hong laughed. "You are more shameless than me, Cruise. What did I say about you? You are still a scattered person in the eleventh order. It turned out that your skin is thicker than the Yugoslav capital."
"Whatever you say, yes or no?" Cruise’s bow is tighter
"Dream your big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period to get this skill. You can also kill me and turn over my body." Ah Hong locked the day in Zangetsu’s cold way.
"It seems that you don’t shed tears until you see the coffin." Cruise’s eyes flashed cold and his right hand loosened the bowstring and three dragon arrows were shot at the same time.
Ah Hong didn’t use his breath again this time. He turned into a ghosting image and quickly avoided the attack of three dragons and arrows. Suddenly, he appeared in the field of Cruise and split it out with a knife.
Cruise cold hum a body backward step around four Lei Long blink four pike blocked macro long dao.
Ah Hong just wanted to continue to attack, but he felt the majestic energy behind him suddenly escaping from Cruise’s pseudo-field and fleeing to the distance. Thousands of Leiguang arrows followed behind him like a huge tail flashing.
Cruise had to admit that after the escape of the streamer armor, Ahong was faster and faster, almost to the point where even he could see clearly, but it made him more interested in the materialization of the pseudo-field, and then he even shot three dragon penalty arrows, and suddenly nearly 10 thousand arrows covered the whole sky and the ground and surrounded Ahong.
"Now agree to hand over this ability and I will let you live," Cruise shouted.
"Fuck you," Hong said to show his disdain.
"Death" Cruise roared an arrow, and the rain rolled from all sides like a flood, blinking at Ah Hong and covering it.
Cruise withdrew from the field and said coldly, "You forced me."
He turned and was about to leave, but he stopped in the same place.
Behind him, a huge sphere composed of Lei Guang’s arrow crashed into several tiny paths, from which Lei Guang descended. Cruise suddenly turned around and saw a scene where he couldn’t believe what he said.
In the rain of arrows, Hiro waved the blade at an invisible speed to the naked eye and chopped all the arrows one by one for two seconds to cut out 10 thousand, which is equal speed.
In the thunder, Acer floated to the ground and smiled at Cruise. "Is this your attack? So it’s my turn? "
Without waiting for Cruz to reply, the second pseudo-field in Acer’s body bloomed and absorbed enough elements, then it suddenly retracted and then an energy beam went straight into the sky.
When the light beam was broken, it was exposed. Ahong Ahong’s hands were more than two meters long and colorful. Dark blue Zhan Ji.
"The soul dances with the halberd of hades"
Shelley looked at Jeremy quietly for five minutes before sighing, "Miss Jeremy is so beautiful, why is it as cold as ice?"
Jeremy turned the devil’s kiss in his hand and said indifferently, "I can’t help it. There will always be some shameless women seducing my captain if it’s not cold."
Shelley said, "You won’t talk about me again?"
Jeremy looked at the pretty girl and said, "You don’t deserve it."
"…" Shelley said in distress situation. "Miss Jeremiah is really a poisonous tongue, but the matter is now in front of us. Our essence is to help Atlantis return to land. If it succeeds, we will all get rich rewards, but your captain obviously does the opposite. Don’t you think your team should give an explanation?"